Rebecca is developing a play with an award-winning playwright around the iconic artist Frida Kahlo with co-producer Steve Scrivens. Produced by their company Red Boot Productions, they aim to bring this to the West End in 2021. She looks forward to playing Frida alongside 2 other colourful female characters. 






Rebecca Grant is an actress, producer and artist of a diverse British, Spanish, French and Filipino heritage who lives and works in the UK. Her vibrant work in the arts has seen her perform across television, film and theatre in award-winning roles on screen for SKY and the BBC and on stage for directors Andrew Lloyd Webber and Anthony Horowitz, along with being cast for numerous artistic independent productions as well.

As an artist, Rebecca is inspired by the trials of the world we live in, the places that our imagination can take us, and her experience of characters through her work as an actress. As a producer, she aims to depict women who are as complex, as flawed and as brilliant as men without objectification, producing theatre that embraces multiculturalism and celebrates our differences. And as a humanitarian, she is working to raise awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking and end it for good. And as a mother, she works to inspire, to create a happy and healthy balance between work and family life, and demonstrate that with focus and organisation, anything can be achieved.

Commended with a 5-star review by The Independent as 'demure yet twinklingly mischievous,' Rebecca is fearless in the pursuit of happiness evolving through the arts and thanks her vivd childhood for learning about people, their stories and how to let them be heard through performance.



"It receives a searingly intense performance from Rebecca Grant, whose willingness to imagine the unimaginable is commendable."

Rebecca in Eve Enlser's world Premiere of AVOCADO

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